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Jerry Baker & Associates, Inc. has a core management team and associates experienced in bringing two principals – a buyer and seller – together for a mutually rewarding outcome.  The management team has succeeded by excellence and customer service, growing Jerry Baker & Associates, Inc. to a successful record of concluded transactions.  The company’s client recommendation letters speak for themselves in their appreciation for Jerry Baker’s services in helping them to reach their financial goals through the sale of their business.

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Jerry Baker, President

Mr. Baker brings about a unique mix of knowledge, industry savvy and keen insight gleaned from a lifetime of successful business experience to his company.  Jerry plays a key role in all of the operating aspects of the business.  His enthusiasm and determination in driving the best deal for his clients is shown by Jerry Baker & Associates, Inc. recognition as being one of the leading merger and acquisition consultants.  Jerry has become a mentor to all of his employees and continues to be a valuable asset to solving any problems that might arise while trying to bring together buyers and sellers in a transaction.   Top

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Elizabeth Baker, Corporate Director

Liz has been very instrumental in the Baker family's success since they first began in 1958.  Liz has handled most all administrative responsibility over the years in their many business ventures.  While Liz is no longer involved in the day-to-day business, she does still have valued input into corporate matters as a member of the Board of Directors. Top


Mark Baker, Vice President

Mr. Baker has an important task of keeping Jerry Baker & Associates, Inc. with a continuous inflow of prospective sellers to contact in various industries.  This valuable process also requires Mark to perform vital research into current industry trends as well as learning about new potential markets that the company may explore.  Additionally, Mark also contacts prospective sellers and uses his industry knowledge to help bring signed engagements to the company. Top

Brian Baker, Vice President

Mr. Baker has gained valuable insight into the risks and rewards of owning a business by establishing and managing his own company several years ago.  Brian can easily understand the emotion involved and he uses that personal experience to help clients through the process of selling their business.  Top

Kristina Shaw, Corporate Director


Kristy Shaw, the Baker's daughter, joined the firm after graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree in Journalism from the University of Kansas in 1990.  Kristy acted as Executive Vice President of Operations until January of 2000, when she chose to retire and enjoy the successes that she helped the company achieve in the 90's.  While with the company, Kristy utilized her creative talents to develop advertising strategies, manage human resources, organize trade show exhibits, publish "The Associate" newsletter and plan social events for the company.  Kristy also serves on the Board of Directors for the firm. Top

Stephanie Butler, Vice President

Ms. Butler is responsible for working together with clients to compile business and financial information and then uses this information in preparing a detailed prospectus, which is presented to interested acquirers.  Stephanie then continues to be the liaison between the buyer and seller and utilizes her skills to translate the seller’s needs to a buyer and ultimately strives to bring about an executed letter of intent.  During this tedious process, Stephanie always keeps the sellers interest in mind while maintaining a respected rapport with buyers.  In addition to these responsibilities, Stephanie also works to define buyer strategies and helps to match companies together.  Since her inception with the company in 1997, the variety of roles held within the organization has allowed Stephanie to understand the intricacies of mergers and acquisitions.  Stephanie graduated from South Dakota State University with a merchandising degree.


Robert Ernst, Senior Associate

With over forty years of corporate management and sales experience under his belt, Bob Ernst understands the day to day struggles that business owners face.  Bob works together with clients to understand their financial goals and help match synergies with a potential acquirer.  With Jerry Baker & Associates, Inc. since 1996, Bob is equipped to handle all levels of negotiation.  Top

Contact Information

Telephone:  (913) 897-9199

Fax:  (913) 851-0678

Address: 13108 Linden Lane
       Leawood, Kansas 66209

Email: info@bakerandassoc.com

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