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When a business owner is considering options to ownership there are many factors that impact that ultimate decision.  At JB&A we work in helping identify those motivations and bring about the most desirable outcome for the client.  Below is a list of potential reasons why a business owner might begin to think about selling.  One or more of these might be influencing your decision to consider utilizing the services of Jerry Baker & Associates.

  • The majority of an independent owner’s worth in their company is tied up in accounts receivable, inventory, rental equipment, vehicles, facilities, etc.  Many have limited liquidity.  JB&A's objective is to determine the intrinsic value (goodwill) of the business, which is not shown as an asset on the company's financial statements. 

  • Time constraints involved with the day-to-day operation of the business.  As an owner, there is little time to relax and enjoy the fruits of your labors.

  • It may take you ten to fifteen years to make after taxes the amount that an owner could receive today from the sale their business after taxes.  Why take the risk of continued ownership of a business if you cannot guarantee your future?  If you cash out, you then have total control of your financial future without any concerns about the day-to-day responsibilities of running a business and the constantly changing economic conditions. 

  • The market or industry that of your business is growing and creating competition.  With regulatory changes there comes the need for additional education to become compliant.  At some point, this can become burdensome.

  • There are no family members that wish to carry on the business and it is time to consider an exit strategy to provide for a well-deserved retirement.

  • Pricing of products and services in your industry has become more competitive.  This can be a difficult environment where your success is determined by factors other than the quality of your products and services.

  • Economic changes and policies may be affecting profitability of the business.  An acquirer may be able to utilize economies of scale where the independent business owner cannot.  It may be time to protect your investment of time and money by considering options to ownership.

  • The whole reason why you went into business as an independent was for pride in ownership and to build financial security for you and your family.  Consolidation is taking place in your industry segment and you've decided it is time to capitalize on your hard work by selling your business.  There is a window of opportunity when the value of your business is at a peak.  Contact JB&A to assess if now is that time for your business.

Contact Jerry Baker & Associates today for a consultation to discuss the value of your business in today's acquisition market.  Just as you are an expert in the details of your business, it is important to have representation by an expert in dealing with mergers and acquisitions.   


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