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When business owners make the decision to entrust in Jerry Baker & Associates, Inc.’s services they have the freedom to continue to concentrate on what they do best.....operating their business. Jerry Baker & Associates, Inc. is proud to accomplish all of the tedious steps involved in bringing an interested acquirer to the table. Bringing about a successful transaction involves timing, talent, experience, and practice, among many other attributes.

Below is a general outline of the step-by-step process that Jerry Baker & Associates, Inc. undergoes in reaching successful transactions. The process has been broken down into four critical stages.

Stage I

  • Identifying Prospects,

  • Introducing JB&A’s Credentials

  • Entering into a Mutual Agreement

    Step 1:

  • A.  Research department undergoes extensive industry research in a variety of consolidating markets

  • B. JB&A identifies acquirers on regional and national levels in each selected industry

  • C. Contact made by JB&A to top level M&A Decision Makers within Acquirer companies

    Step 2:

  • A. JB&A Associates’ make contact with potential clients and introduce JB&A services and determine benefit of moving forward in a business relationship

  • B. Terms of JB&A Mutual Agreement are discussed and accepted by Client

  • C. List of potential Acquirer(s) identified to Client through a List Letter; initially and additionally, as deemed appropriate

  • D. Detailed information, through verbal and written materials, are requested by JB&A and provided by Client.  This includes financials and other pertinent business information related to the company's specific industry.

Stage II

  • Preparing the Company for Acquirer(s) Review

    Step 3:

  • A. Profile information compiled and summary of Client business written containing information pertinent to Acquirer(s) within appropriate industry segment

  • B. Written profile submitted to Acquirer(s) for preliminary indication of interest in Client’s Company

  • C. Confidentiality Agreement(s) obtained from all interested Acquirers & forwarded to Client for return signature, if applicable.

    Step 4:

  • A. Client Prospectus submitted for Acquirer(s) review

  • B. Discussion with Acquirer(s) regarding Client Prospectus as well as discussion with Client regarding Acquirer(s) interest in moving forward toward potential acquisition

  • C. Additional information may be requested. This step may occur several times as discussions proceed and further information is required by Acquirer(s)

Stage III

  • Meetings – Offers & Terms of Purchase

    Step 5:

  • A. If all preliminary questions and expectations are met to Acquirer and Client’s satisfaction, a face-to-face meeting or conference call may be arranged between Acquirer(s) and Client

  • B. After the meeting, JB&A will have discussions separately with both Acquirer and Client to discuss overall impressions. Further questions or requests for information may result. Decision to move forward with relationship discussed with both parties

    Step 6:

  • A. Discussions with Acquirer begin regarding purchase price and terms of Letter of Intent

  • B. Discussions proceed to written Letter of Intent for presentation to Client

  • C. Written Letter of Intent is presented to Client through JB&A and discussed. Process may require additional consultation with Acquirer and Client until acceptable terms are agreed upon

  • D. Client signs Letter of Intent agreeing to move forward with due diligence phase

    Step 7:

  • A. Due diligence process begins with Acquirer

  • B. Purchase Agreement prepared by Acquirer and sent to Client/Client’s attorney for review

  • C. Terms of Purchase Agreement agreeable to Client and Acquirer.  Purchase Agreement is signed.

Stage IV

  • Closing the transaction

Closing the transaction may be done either face to face or via facsimile. Client receives either cash or stock from transaction, as detailed in the Purchase Agreement and JB&A receives commission equal to percentage agreed upon in Mutual Agreement via wire transfer simultaneously with seller. 

Contact Information

Jerry Baker & Associates, Inc.

Telephone:  (913) 897-9199

Fax:  (913) 851-0678

Address: 13108 Linden Lane
       Leawood, Kansas 66209

Email: info@bakerandassoc.com

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