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  My mom, Adeline Baker, was very sick and the Hospice staff had told our family that we should tell her it was ok to let go and go to heaven. Our business had been slow for a period of time and my mom always wanted to know if I had closed any deals. We told her not yet and for three to four weeks she would not let go. Finally my niece Angie Bell came to me and said, "Uncle Jerry you have to tell your mom that you got a deal done and then she will die peacefully." So I told Angie to tell her we had sold a large popcorn company. That evening, March 26th, 1993, at midnight she passed away at the hospital, where she had been for the last week. She was 84 years old. Well of course we had not done a deal. So I can just see my mom go to the Lord and tell him her son had lied to her and that we had not done any deals and that we needed some help in getting Baker & Associates into a viable operation. When my mother died she had been on an oxygen concentrator in her home and used a portable oxygen tank when away from home for five years.
For the first three to four years she was on oxygen she would take the portable tank with her to the country club where she would golf, play bridge and have a good time with her friends. It was something to see her golf with the portable oxygen tank in her golf cart and her swinging into a golf ball while attached to her portable oxygen unit. She always had her golf cart behind her so that the oxygen tube would not get into the way of her swing.
Mom was always very active. For many years in the late 1940ís,í50ís and 60ís she and my father, Glen who passed away in 1969, ran a Firestone Store, then in 1950 started Bakerís Appliance, both were located in Garnett, Kansas. After World War II, many new consumer products were introduced i.e.: television, 45 RPM record player, refrigerators, automatic washing machines, electric clothes dryers and many more small appliances. From their store in the small town farming community they sold hundreds of television sets, refrigerators, washer and dryers, and other products to farmers. Most all their sales from farmers were on credit and when harvest time came they would get paid. On occasion, when the harvest was poor he would have to wait a year until they received payment. They never had anyone sign for merchandise they sold, never charged interest on accounts and never lost any money on merchandise that was charged. I started working at the store when I was eleven years old. I did T.V. antenna instillations and delivery of large appliances during my high school years. Back in those days you needed an outside T.V antenna. Those antennas were mounted on a 20-40 ft. 2 in. galvanized steel pipe mast and then placed into a harness mounted on the roofs of homes. There were four-guyed wires from the mast bolted into the lower corners of the roof to keep the mast and antenna in place.
She was in a nursing home the last six months of her life. I had never known of the respiratory industry before, however, after she passed away Baker & Associates started getting agreements from independent respiratory providers to sell their companies in the rapidly consolidating industry. From 1994 to 1999 B&A represented close to 200 owners in the sale of their companies. During that time period the transactions value on the companies that were sold totaled around $600 million dollars. Our commission revenue approached $30 million dollars and we purchased four airplanes during that time. You can be sure that the Lord was definitely the driving force in our success during that period of time. (See additional information on Jerryís Airplanes)

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