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Over time, Jerry Baker has entered into over one thousand mutual agreements with clients in many industries. Currently JB&A represents a wide variety of clients in industries all across the United States.

The most important ingredient for a successful transaction is timing for both buyer and seller.  Since, JB&A operates on a contingency basis it is really a no risk, no lose situation for companies to engage JB&A to try and find a match for their company.  Sometimes price expectations are a deterrent to a quick sale for our clients; however, our process does allow a client to evaluate their value in the marketplace and develop a strategy to either grow the business by increased marketing or a change in focus to match what acquirers are looking for. 

Jerry Baker & Associates, Inc. maintains contact with clients on a regular basis and is constantly exploring the industry to find new buyers.  It is interesting to learn how appreciative clients are to know that Jerry Baker & Associates, Inc.ís staff is constantly working for their interest.

Of those clients that Baker has under contract, many were made offers by acquirers; however, the client decided against accepting the offer.  In some cases, clients that may have declined an offer in the past would gladly accept that same offer in today's business climate.  In most cases, that opportunity is lost. It is JB&A's goal to properly inform our clients of current market conditions in their industry while understanding our client's financial goals for their future.

JB&A's philosophy in consulting on deal negotiations is for each party to approach the situation with honesty and integrity.  Since the buyer and seller often are contemplating a merger or acquisition for the purpose of joining forces and working together in the future, it is important to have representation such as JB&A to be the middleman and preserve the future relationship.  JB&A's goal is to work with both parties and try to work toward an acceptable offer up front.  Once a written offer has been received, Bakerís qualified staff continues to consult with the acquirer, providing many arguments to support better offers for their clients and many times persuades an acquirer to improve certain aspects of the offer.  JB&A may also recommend that a client reject an offer if it is not in their best interest.


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